Green Man Sterling Silver Bookmark

Handmade Sterling Silver Bookmark

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Green Man

The Green Man is by legend said to define a pagan, a figure that can be found carved or cast in stone, wood & silver. Green men can be seen today across Europe in churches, cathedrals, chapels or abbeys dating back some 1600 years. The Green Man is said to represent rebirth & the period of spring with the face entwined with foliage, flowers or vines.


Handmade sterling silver bookmark by Tarvier. Traditionally made silver bookmark created by old age skills of silversmithing & casting. The green man is cast with the silver bookmark made from 1.00mm sterling silver sheet. The Green Man has had his face slightly darkened by patina to give slight definition to his features, all other parts are polished. Assayed by Goldsmiths' Hall, London with our makers mark CRA.


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Historical Pagan Silver Bookmark