Georgian Sterling Silver Teapot – William Hall 1822

George IV Sterling Silver Teapot 1822

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Antique sterling silver George IV teapot by William Hall 1822
This George IV teapot is of bulbous form with tapering curves towards the teapot lid. The teapot top has a curved surface with gadrooned perimeter leading to flush mounted raised teapot lid & hinge set flush. Detailed finial to teapot lid with turned wooden insulator. The lid finial is detailed with fauna & central flower off oval form. Teapot handle is curved with ribbed back & matching fauna & flora thumb rest to compliment finial, ivory insulators to teapot ferrules. The teapot is sat on four ball feet. The silver teapot is assayed to body, lid & handle. All marks show that the teapot was made by William Hall. The body mark of WH to the body has been overstruck by Thomas Austin (T.A)
Thomas Austin was active around the same period as William Hall but we can only speculate why he placed his mark over William Halls.


The silver teapot is in good condition for age, slight hammered effect to both sides of teapot, this was created by planishing process during fabrication. When you look inside the teapot you can see hammer forming marks created by the silversmith. General surface marks as expected, without major dents & deep scratches. All sits flat and level, with handle is tight in ferrules, retaining pins secure. Lid hinge in good condition with a small amount of play. Assay marks rubbed to the body but legible, marks to the inside of the lid & handle good.

Period Georgian silver teapot with history.

Bulbous Formed Sterling Silver Teapot