Sterling Silver Teapot – Edward, John & William Barnard 1849

Victorian Sterling Silver Teapot 1849

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Antique sterling silver teapot by Edward, John & William Barnard 1849
Fabulous silver teapot representing style & quality. Circular base developing up into six main panels divided by six smaller panels. Body engraved with flowers & stems with ornate cartouche to either side of the teapot, one vacant & one engraved with English script letter L. Engraved boarder detailing is found on the six larger panels with hanging fauna & flora drooping over half way down each panel.
The handle connects beautifully to the top of the rim, splitting in form like a vine. The handle has stem engraving along with the teapot spout. The handle is connected via two ferrules with fauna designed connections to teapot body. Ivory insulators secure the handle to the ferrules with thumb rest to the top. The lid is of circular form with raised dividing panels engraved with floral detail. The finial is a sectional knop with attractive circular dots around its circumference. The base is off scalloped design with gothic tapering pyramid style structures, rising from the base. Vertically above are similar structures hanging down to compliment design. The base is assayed along with the lid & handle.


This sterling silver Barnard teapot is in great condition, minimal surface marks. The lid has the minimum of play, handle tight in ferrules, retaining pins good. The silver teapot bears little wear from time. Assay marks are good, rubbed slightly but all legible.

Beautiful Barnard Victorian Sterling Silver Teapot