Queen's Pattern Honeysuckle Heel Silver Tablespoons – George William Adams 1863

Honeysuckle Heel Queen's Pattern Silver Tablespoons

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Two Queen's pattern tablespoons with honeysuckle heel to backs of bowls. Double struck with shoulders, shell convex design to both front & back surfaces of spoon handle. This most elaborate design of the silver patterns has become one of the favourite & sought-after styles. Assayed to back of spoon handles with a full set of hallmarks.


This pair of silver Queen's pattern tablespoons are both in good condition. Assay marks rubbed but legible. Without tears, dents or repairs, surface marks representative of age. Spoons have had a crest or monogram to spoon terminal at some point, but these been removed to both during their lifetime. Slight loss of detail around this area due to removal, please see image no:4, 5, 6

Pair of Queen's Pattern Honeysuckle Heel Tablespoons