Six Kings Pattern Silver Tablespoons – James Mckay 1841 / 1844

Single Struck Kings Pattern Silver Tablespoons

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Antique silver single struck Kings Pattern tablespoons by James Mckay.
A Scottish set of six silver tablespoons in lovely condition, good gauge & weight, with good definition to king's pattern. Single struck king's pattern with shoulders, typically single struck flatware is associated with Scottish silversmiths. All six tablespoons are engraved with crest to terminal (unknown) Assayed to back of handles with a full set of assay marks. Duty mark to all is that of William IV, although in the period of Queen Victoria. Sovereign head marks can succeed their period of monarchy, it is the date letter that matters, duty marks are proof that the fees has been paid.


All spoons are in great condition, all free from dents, tears & repairs. Surface marks representative of age, assay marks slightly rubbed with all legible. An attractive set of silver Kings Pattern tablespoons.

Set of Six Crested King's Pattern Sterling Silver Tablespoons