About Us

English Antique Silver Dealers & Silversmiths.

We are a small family run business based in Lincoln UK with a passion for excellence in all that we do. Our making of fine English silver runs alongside our collection of beautiful handpicked English silver antiques.

The Beauty of Silver

A piece of well–crafted silver is a rare thing; there are very few items in this world that have both intrinsic monetary value accompanied with detailed handcrafted workmanship, displaying skill & history. To place a tangible asset on ones mantelpiece that has the ability to act as an insurance for your families' wealth in times of economic uncertainty, as well as providing beauty and class to a room is a delightful thing. The experience that Silver can deliver is the reason Tarvier was created.

The world we live in is dynamically changing, an inevitability that we at Tarvier, have embraced. Technological advancements run in parallel with time and consequently the skills we once sought are left behind. Skills such as silversmithing are no longer appreciated or admired. Welcome to Tarvier, the silver company bringing the past into the future.

Tarvier aim to protect against the uncertainty of the world we are forced to live in whilst still maintaining an appreciation for the beauty the world has to offer.

Certainty with Style

Tarvier delivers a culture of customer care & moral trade.


Our vast experience of skilled silversmithing. We strive to provide a perfect service for our customers; 100% focused on professionalism. Whether the silver is antique or newly crafted, we guarantee a transaction free from uncertainty :

free from poor quality

free from poor transparency of information

free from forgery

Tarvier consists of two main products :

High Quality Antique Silver

Newly Handcrafted Silver

By purchasing an item through Tarvier you are guaranteed high quality goods at a fair price that accurately reflects the commodity value and workmanship that is associated with handmade silver & English antique silver. Tarvier is not only an antique dealer, but a creator of tomorrow's antiques.